Return To Teaching (RTT)

Return To Teaching (RTT)

Around 8 to 10, 000 former teachers return to teaching every year. Whether you have taken time out to raise a family or want to return to teaching after a career change you have a wealth of valuable skills and experiences to offer pupils and schools.

There are no longer any government restrictions or teacher training requirements for returners to the classroom. In some ways this is good news as it gives teachers more flexibility, however its important to remember that there will have been changes to the curriculum and the way that schools are ran. Jumping in at the deep end is not advised. By taking a few of the options below you can ease your way back in to teaching at a rate that suits you.

Ways of Returning to Teaching:

1. Take a Post-ITT SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) Course

The government have allowed returners to teaching access to SKE courses, however they are only in a few secondary subjects. To enroll on to a Post-ITT SKE course you must be a qualified teacher with QTS who has been out of teaching for more than 3 years. You will also be eligable If you hold QTS in another subject area and wish to increase your knowledge on the subjects above.

2. Additional Training to top up your skills

If you are a primary teacher or a secondary teacher in another field, unfortunately there are no SKE courses. Alternatively, you could enroll on to specific courses from teacher training providers or you can contact the Teaching Agency for support with local courses. This will help you to top up specific skills for example your curriculum knowledge or your classroom control skills. Aspire People hold a number of teacher training courses which are a great way to refresh your skills and learn new techniques.

3. Supply Teaching as a Route to Returning to Teaching

Supply teaching is a great way of building up your experience and getting back in to the classroom. Not only will you get a lot of support from your recruitment consultant but Aspire People can offer you CPD training and a chance to develop your skills specific to returning to teaching. Aspire People also have an ex-deputy head teacher who can assess an array of your lessons so that you can get some valuable and constructive feedback on your teaching.

Your Aspire People consultant wont just throw you in to any old school but assess what roles are suitable for your skills, character and teaching style. Aspire People gives you the chance to build up a pool of local schools that you regularly teach at, making your return to teaching more enjoyable. As and when you are ready we can then put you forward for long-term or permanent positions.

Some things may have changed since you were last in the school environment, such as curriculum content and behaviour management.

You may find the following websites helpful: