Attracting Talent

Attracting Talent

Aspire People work very hard to attract talented, reliable and hard working candidates for all our clients. It has taken us 7 years to build the extensive database we have today, through these methods:

Word of Mouth

Our personal touch differentiates us from every competitor.  Many of the people we work with, including schools recommend us to other professional highly qualified candidates. Anyone who makes a recommendation will also receive £75 once the candidate has worked ten days.

University Relationships

Aspire People have very close links and relationships with universities across the Midlands. Not only do we exhibit at careers fairs but we conduct work shops within many of the Universities. For example last summer we held a lecture at Newman University College to NQTs and Teaching Assistants about supply teaching.

These relationships has meant that Aspire People can build its own NQT pool for local schools.

Job Centre Links

Aspire People work very closely with the Job Centre to make sure that unemployed but highly skilled and enthusiastic candidates are not forgotten about. They also offer training to candidates who aren’t from an education background and Aspire People can provide these candidates with work experience in schools local to them.


Advertising & PR

Aspire People advertise on the majority of Midlands and education specialist job boards. Not only does this attract a large amount of candidates looking for roles but helps to increase our presence online. This is backed up with advertising in the local press such as the Express & Star and on TES. Further to this we are always talking to the local press about our achievements and featuring in the news for successes.

A combination of these initiatives and working hard to provide a continuously personal service has built a network of candidates throughout the Midlands willing to go that extra-mile for themselves, our schools and our company.