Nottinghamshire Little Success Stories

Nottinghamshire Little Success Stories

Every half term Aspire People shout about all the positive news from schools throughout Nottinghamshire. Take a look at what our Nottinghamshire schools have been up to recently.

“Staff from Hollygirt School have been benefiting from ‘stress-free’ sessions with an expert coach, specialising in neurolinguistics programming. After working with children at the Elm Avenue School, Pam Burrows is now hoping to reduce the stress levels of teachers at Hollygirt. ‘Everyone now seems to recognise there is a high level of stress in teaching and it is good that it is starting to be tackled.’ She has introduced the improvement of well-being through positivity.”

“Nottingham City Council are raising money to be invested in future education. The Education Improvement Board will create schemes to form a strategic plan with clear priorities and timelines. This will involve academies working together to understand the local context and sharing the best practice.”

“Congratulations to the winners of the annual Primary Team Maths Challenge – Fernwood Primary School. The competition involved year 6 students across the country ditching their calculators to solve maths puzzles!”

“Gedling Infant School have been involving their students in its own parliament to introduce politics to the youngsters. The challenge covered areas such as learning, lunch time, behaviour and safety. Along the way pupils have been learning about politics as the school believed the ‘school council’ scheme was too confusing for four to seven year-olds.”

“Some lucky students in Nottingham have been enjoying a secret Professor Green gig as a VIP treatment reward for having the highest attendance records. The concert was in aid of the ‘Get Involved’ campaign to convey to the children that good attendance is important for later life.”