Derbyshire Little Success Stories

Derbyshire Little Success Stories

Every half term Aspire People shout about all the positive news from schools throughout Derbyshire. Take a look at what our Derbyshire schools have been up to recently.

“Primary students from Derby High School have set up a live webcam video in their school to watch eggs hatching into chicks! The eggs were kept in incubators so the children could monitor their progress. The webcam provides the children with the ability to watch the eggs from home. The reception class teacher claimed that the aim of the project was to enforce a ‘real-life experience of nature in the classroom’. It has since gone viral!”

“The Bremrose School Sixth-Formers have been learning first aid skills to create a future life saving generation. Students were taught the recovery position and CPR. The pupils received a ‘teenaiders’ certificate at the end of the course. The school claims this is an essential employment skill to have.”

“Congratulations to Derby High School students for winning the Young Enterprise competition, being judged as the best business plan in the competition this year.”

“Schools in Ashbourne have been provided with 80 sacks of spring bulbs from an Ashbourne group to encourage community participation. Ashbourne and District 50+ Forum used donations from the council to pay for two tonnes of bulbs and dropped at a loaned collection point. The Forum hopes the project will inspire young children to participate in future projects in their community.”

“A Derby High School student has received an award from the British Nutrition Foundation for her project on coeliac disease. The 16 year-old achieved an A* in her home economics and food nutrition GCSE. Congratulations!”