Nottinghamshire’s Little Success Stories – July

Nottinghamshire’s Little Success Stories – July

A Nottinghamshire schoolm has been awarded for helping a five-year-old epilepsy sufferer to stay in class. Banks Road Infant and Nursery school have received the ‘Edward’ from Epilepsy Action. Due to her illness, the pupil suffers from a short attention span and working memory as well as tiredness and mobility issues. The school has devised a teaching programme which encourages the teachers to focus on one topic before moving onto the next, which has shown to improve the student’s learning.

Teenagers in Nottinghamshire schools have been improving their attendance to get free tickets to a gig featuring Chipmunk. Nottingham City Council have introduced the prize in order to improve attendance amongst local schools. It is also a rewarding gift for musically talented pupils.

Nottinghamshire Police have helped to break the record for the most amount of people being taught first aid in one lesson with a total of 1,7955 people. Students in Nottinghamshire and other counties were taught lifesaving techniques such as CPR.

Jesse Gray School was transformed into a ‘sea of white’ for a day, as students all dressed in white for a day to support two sisters with albinism who are pupils at the school. The girls are believed to be the only siblings in Nottinghamshire to both have the lifelong disorder. Money raised from the non-uniform day was sent to the Albinism Fellowship charity, organized by the sisters’ parents.

Yoga has become the new stress relieving technique at Hucknall’s National Academy. Before sitting their year 6 SATs, the students were taught relaxing techniques which parents claim has made ‘the world of difference – helping them stay calm and positive’. The teacher focuses on breathing, relaxation and positive Nottinghamshireimagery.