Staffordshire’s Little Success Stories – July

Staffordshire’s Little Success Stories – July

A pupil at Leek High School has won a place at a high-flying summer school in Canada to perform in front of an audience after spending a fortnight on the programme. The student who began gymnastics seven years ago is extremely enthusiastic about this upcoming experience. Congratulations!

King Edward WI High School has launched its own television channel which will be broadcasted in school and on the school website. The channel will discuss important information about numeracy, healthy eating, fitness and many more to ensure students are living a healthy and happy life and are able to show off their abilities and talents. ‘Kevi’ will also include videos of celebrities made to target secondary school students.

Schools across Staffordshrie have been taking part in the ‘Gotta Dance’ festival, showing off their talents to large audiences. The students performed a variety of dance genres and all joined together for one performance at the end.

Pupils from Castlechurch Primary School have been planting seeds from outer space, sent from the International Space Station. The ‘Rocket Science’ project aims to discover whether weight has any impact on seeds and how they germinate by comparing them to seeds planted from Earth. The children will not know which packets are from space or Earth until results from schools all over the country are collected and analysed by the RHS Campaign.

St John’s Ambulance have offered a free, interactive programme to a live audience of students named the ‘Big First Aid Lesson’. The hour-long programme was streamed into classrooms on the 17th June. Schools have signed up for the session to provide students with first aid skills in the event of an emergency, possibly helping to save their peers or teachers’ Staffordshirelives.