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NQT Induction Facts

NQT Induction Facts

Some Facts about NQT Induction

In September 1999 the DfE introduced a compulsory period of induction for newly qualified teachers (NQTs). The induction period follows initial teacher training and the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and must be undertaken by NQTs who wish to continue teaching in schools.

During the induction period NQTs have to demonstrate that they have continued to meet the standards for the award of QTS. Through a personalised programme of guidance and support, induction provides the tools NQTs will need to be successful teachers. Below are some important points regarding an NQT’s induction period:

  • You can only begin your induction once you have successfully completed all the skills tests 
  • Induction is assessed across three full school terms, with assessment at the end of each term.
  • It can be completed full or part-time.
  • You have 6 years to complete your NQT induction
  • You can complete your NQT induction year whilst working through an agency. 
  • You can only work as an NQT through an agency for 5 years in total. This used to be 16 months!

As an NQT, in addition to your individual programme of professional development, you will receive:

  • A 10 per cent reduction in your teaching timetable to give you time to develop your teaching skills away from the classroom. This is in addition to your statutory 10 per cent planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time.
  • Support from an induction tutor.
  • Regular reviews of your progress, and formal discussions at the end of each term with your tutor and/or headteacher.

For detailed information read the Statutory Guidance on Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers

Changes to Induction Arrangements for September 2012

  • enabling the new network of teaching schools to act in the role of appropriate body to quality assure induction processes
  • extending the 16 month limit on short term supply work, to a maximum fixed 5 year period from the point of award of QTS, before having to undertake induction
  • giving appropriate bodies flexibility to reduce the length of the induction period in certain circumstances to a minimum of one term in recognition of previous teaching experience
  • enabling all settings (permitted within primary legislation) to offer statutory induction provided they meet the required conditions including pupil referral units (PRUs).

The DfE are retaining:

  • the requirement for a 10% reduced timetable
  • the ‘one chance to pass induction’ rule.

Changes to induction arrangements will apply to maintained schools in England and to independent schools including academies and Free Schools and other settings that wish to provide statutory induction for their Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). These will also apply to organisations that carry out the role of appropriate body.

The NQT induction changes will come into effect from September 2012.