Special Needs

Jobs in special needs

Jobs in special needs

Working through a special needs education agency is a great way of experiencing different challenges.

Not only do Aspire People work with a diverse range of special schools but with mainstream schools that need specialist help for SEN children. We are always on the hunt for very talented and committed teachers, tutors, TAs, LSAs and LSPs and technical support staff

The special needs jobs Aspire People can offer are:

For many years Aspire People have been supplying schools with short and long-term education professionals, however our presence in the SEN market is growing fast. Special needs children and young adults need the same love and care as other children along with extra attention for their special needs.  Jobs within this sub sector can be demanding but extremely rewarding.

A relevant qualification is advantageous when applying for jobs in child care and these include BTEC, CACHE and City and Guilds qualifications.

An NVQ in child care is one of the most popular qualifications that candidates choose to take. Special Needs Teachers must hold a teaching qualification.

It is essential that our SEN teaching team has experience working with special needs children.

If you are already a teacher or TA and want to move in to SEN you just need to get some voluntary experience first. There will be schools local to where you live crying out for volunteers. This will give you an insight in to what it’s like working in a special school and a reference when putting you forward for paid work with Aspire People.

If you want to enquire about becoming an SEN teacher or teaching assistant or you are looking for jobs in this field please contact Lee Lamburn on 0121 314 3606