Our Business, Culture & Values

Our recipe for success is simple, we do what we promise. Of course, there are key values that surround Aspire People and a clear vision that underpins everything we do.

Not only does this communicate who we are but helps us to ensure that everything is done the “Aspire way”!

A vision for the past, present and future

“ Aspire People’s vision is to provide complete value to employers and candidates by building the strongest of partnerships with everyone we work with. This requires an honest, open and safe approach to recruitment by everyone. This pursuit of excellence does not require being the biggest, just the finest in terms of customer service, hiring talent and consistently maintaining our strong internal culture. “

A message from our Managing Director

Welcome to Aspire People’s website, here you will find a wealth of teaching jobs and education jobs, teaching resources, downloads and information on us as a company.

When I started off as an education recruitment consultant, I knew I wanted to make a difference to the education and supply teaching industry. I set up Aspire People in 2004 and had one main aim:

To create an education recruitment agency centred around principled codes of practice, where everything we say we do, we will actually do.

Aspire People has turned in to everything I could have wished it to be. We are proud of our innovative services, our attention to detail with customer service and the strong internal culture we have worked so hard to maintain throughout our journey.

Aspire People are constantly evolving but our recipe for success is consistent throughout the culture of the organisation. Our strategy doesn’t just focus on the long-term, we never lose sight of what we are doing now. With an extensive database of education professionals and job opportunities, highly trained and motivated consultants and a strong internal culture, Aspire People’s future has never been brighter.

However, I could not have done any of this without the strong support I receive every day from every member of the team and the talented people that work so hard for us in schools. Thank you to all of the loyal staff and schools that have stuck by us and made running this business so enjoyable.

Michaela Powell, Managing Director and Owner of Aspire People

Altruistic, Safe, Principled, Intelligent, Reliable, Energetic are the 6 key values that are important to us all at Aspire People and shape who we are.