Frequently When You Are Supply Teaching, a Child Refuses to do Something. What Should You do?


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Supply teachers sometimes experience power struggles with pupils? Do you sometimes feel a little bit out of control of a situation? How can a supply teacher avoid a power struggle?

Frequently when you are supply teaching,  a child refuses to do something. What should you do?

At first good supply teachers always react calmly, politely and pleasantly. This demonstrates that the teacher is still in control and not affected by the behaviour of the pupils.

At this point, calmly repeat the required action, followed by a time frame of when you expect it to be done and you will return.

After the instruction has been given the supply teacher, just needs to walk away calmly. This shows the pupil that they are trusted to complete the task and manage themselves.

Finally, the supply teacher needs to follow up on their actions. If when returning the student has complied and completed the task make sure you give appreciation.

This will process will calm the student down in a positive way.

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