Has Your ITT Application Been Unsuccessful? Find out What to do Next?


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We can help to put your mind at ease on how to take the next step to get onto a teaching qualification.

Don’t worry. You now have a year to gain vital experience for your next application. A lot of teachers have not been accepted with their first application onto an ITT but still go on to become teachers.

One of the main reasons students don’t get accepted onto ITT courses is because of a lack of experience. At Aspire People we can help you with gaining some teaching experience, meaning you can work as a Cover Supervisor with no qualifications as a teacher. If you’re interested in working with Aspire People take a look at our latest jobs in schools today.

What is a cover supervisor’s role?

A cover supervisor is an unqualified teacher that covers a lesson and supervises the class. All lessons are already planned for you by the teacher; all you need to do is follow their lesson plan and ensure the pupils are on track, giving help where it may be needed.

As a cover supervisor you will get paid, whilst gaining valuable experience to apply for your initial teacher training course.

How could Aspire People help you?

Here at Aspire People we have worked with a lot of students that have recently graduated and are interested in becoming a Qualified Teacher but might not have the experience to get onto a course.

We regularly attend university events across the Midlands and help graduates take the next step into becoming a qualified teacher. This means Aspire People are best placed to help you take your career to the next level. We are the only agency in the Midlands that truly specialise in supporting Cover Supervisors and developing their careers while qualifying as a teacher.

How Aspire People helped Vincent, a cover supervisor who became a teacher.

Vincent first came to Aspire People with a few weeks experience working in schools but a huge enthusiasm for becoming a teacher. He started his career in business, having owned his own company. He always wanted to go in to teaching but as he was later on in his career wasn’t sure how. By chance he responded to one of Aspire People’s adverts about professionals in other industries moving in to teaching. Vincent was employed because of his infectious and tenacious personality, which his consultant knew would be perfect in schools. He worked as a Cover Supervisor for a year doing full time day-to-day supply in schools local to where he lived. Vincent did so well that he was offered a longer term assignment for a few terms in a school. The following year he approached Aspire People about doing his initial teacher training. His consultant encouraged and support Vincent through his application, even offering a reference on letter headed paper. After qualifying he came back to Aspire People for work and we managed to place him in a school where he could start his induction year. Now Vincent is a fully qualified teacher working in a challenging school in and around Birmingham.

“Having started as a cover supervisor, Aspire People actively encouraged me to qualify as a teacher and advised me which course to choose.  After gaining my PGCE, I had no hesitation in working with them again as I knew there would be regular work and I would be treated professionally. Over the last three years I have been made to feel part of the team and have always felt supported through any difficult times I have had whilst working in education.”


What’s next?

If you are interested in taking that next step on becoming a Qualified Teacher take a look at our information on teaching routes to guide you through the next stages. If you want to work with Aspire People as a Cover Supervisor please get in touch with us today.

Did you know? If you recommend a friend to Aspire People you can gain up to £250*.

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