Meet Emily Kramer Aspire’s Staffordshire Consultant


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Who is the real Emily Kramer? What is it like working with Emily? Find out about supply teaching work in Staffordshire and the types of schools Emily works with.

Name: Emily Kramer

Staffordshire Telephone Number: 01782 450 989


Emily Kramer LinkedIn

How did I get in to education recruitment?

Ever since leaving University, I have always wanted a career in recruitment as I love working with people – and I love busy fast paced days!

I have over 5 and a half year’s experience working in recruitment, business development and account management covering many different sectors including commercial and pharmaceutical  and I even worked in London for a couple of years.

However, I have now found my job for life working in education recruitment for Aspire People and back home in the Midlands.

I love working for aspire people, but why?

After moving back from the ‘bright lights’ of London I was looking for a company to continue a long-term career with and instantly fell in love with Aspire People’s ethics and ethos. After working in the ‘‘tough’’ world of recruitment, I am yet to come across another company who care so much about actually doing what they say they WILL do.  Honesty, reliability, trust and quality are what Aspire People was built on – and all employees strive 100% to maintain those qualities at all times.  That is a rare thing to come across. A lot of recruitment companies work on a ‘‘bums on seats’’ rule – that is not what Aspire People are about – our MD Michaela Powell is passionate about employing consultants that have the same work ethic!

Aspire People is a great place to work – not only are they committed to delivering the best to their schools – but also to their employees.  Aspire People maintain a very strong work-life balance, which was something I have always struggled with previously being a bit of a ‘‘workaholic’‘! I have a very energetic 3 year old Staffy dog who keeps me out and about on long walks in Sutton Park and Cannock Chase.  I love my holidays too and regularly visit Dorset and North Yorkshire each year for long weekends away on the beach and in the countryside… with the dog of course! My friends and family are very important to me and therefore the majority of spare time is taken up spending it with them.  I work for a company who encourages me to enjoy a lot of quality holiday time with my partner and family, which even resulted in my latest holiday away being an engagement celebration with my partner proposing to me! The work-life balance also comes in handy as I have a lot of family and friends spread out across the UK which means I am able to get out and about to see them regularly. I have worked very hard within my career and I am one of the lucky ones who can say I wake up every morning and look forward to going to work.  I have a fantastic supportive team who are more like family to me than work colleagues.  We work hard and play hard getting the best of both worlds.  I am proud to be part of Aspire People and I hope to have a very long career with  the company.

What is my job like?

My job is very varied and everyday is different, which I love.  It is very fast paced at times, which suits me as a person who works well under pressure.  I am a people person so dealing with lots of different people on a daily basis is great.  I especially love going out to visit my schools each weekit’s great to actually meet my clients face-to-face on a regularly basis to have a catch up about their schools, what’s been going on in school life and also to have a catch up on what my clients have been up to outside of work! I am lucky to have great relationships with some of my schools and we normally end up talking more about our next holidays and our weekend plans rather than school work!

Being the daughter of an Assistant Head Teacher I am lucky to have an advantageous insight in to what senior school management actually want, need and value in supply staff. I believe I am able to go above and beyond your ‘‘average’ Education Consultant experience.

It is a great feeling when my clients say how much they trust and rely on me to deliver not only a quality service but a knowledgeable one too. It reassures me I am doing what I set out to do, as part of Aspire People. I am very lucky to have a job I love doing every day even with the 7am starts!

What do I pride myself on?

Ultimately, I pride myself on helping my candidates progress their teaching careers and finding them those ideal jobs in schools. Further to that ensuring that my clients get the best possible teacher or cover supervisor for their school. As I just mentioned, my dad is an Assistant Head Teacher, he gives me lots of handy tips and hints to pass onto my candidates. I have to make sure the quality of candidates I provide to schools is excellent or he will be after me!!!! Joking aside, if it wasn’t for all the hard work and quality of teaching my candidates provide, I wouldn’t be able build the successful relationships I have with my clients. Its all well and good me saying this but below are sometestimonials & recommendations from supply teachers and cover supervisors:

“Emily is my consultant for the Staffordshire area. She is very friendly and well organised always making sure that her colleagues know what they are doing and often asking for feedback. I have worked for Aspire People for around 14 months now and I have really enjoyed my employment with them because of her constant and reliable contact. Emily is a very understanding individual and she does not hesitate to give advice when it is needed. I have personally enjoyed working with Emily and would recommend anyone to come on board with her as their consultant.” Francesca, Stoke-on-Trent

“Working with Aspire People has been great, Emily Kramer has been a star, always very helpful and appreciative for my work. Having worked with other agencies, I would certainly recommend Aspire People as the best; and have been very helpful in putting extra experience in schools on my C.V with my successful PGCE application for this coming September.” David, Staffordshire Cover Supervisor

“I am very much enjoying working for Aspire People at the moment, I am working in some really lovely schools and the rate of work I am getting at the moment is great. My consultant Emily is really supportive, and understanding and she has provided me with some really good feedback on where I am doing well in schools and where I am doing not so well which has helped me to adapt my working style to better fit the schools in which I am working.” Leanne, Stoke-on-Trent

“I’ve been working with Aspire People as a Cover Supervisor for the last year and have always found them to be extremely professional. My consultant, Emily Kramer, has found me work in a number of local schools and is often able to find me work covering science lessons, which I particularly enjoy.  Emily has always been really helpful, and I know that she is just at the other end of the phone if I ever have a query or need any advice.”  Michelle, Lichfield

“Emily works hard to develop positive relationships with candidates and schools, assessing the correct person for each assignment, aiming to provide both a steady flow of work and a reliable service” Abigail, Stafford

“Working with Emily is a pleasant experience, her attention to detail is excellent i know exactly whereim going and what i am going to do. She communicates in a clear professional manner whilst also allowing scope for a more personal touch.” Adam, Cannock
What sorts of staff do I have working for me?

I tend to recruit very confident, committed and energetic teachers and cover supervisors from all walks of life. Some of my cover supervisors are aspiring to start their PGCE, some are students at university with lots of school teaching experience. I have a diverse range of teachers too, some do supply because they have other commitments like running a business or raising a family. Then I have a bank of teachers focused on gaining long-term positions and permanent contracts. I recruit a large amount of my staff from local universities which is why we get quite a few newly qualified teacherswork for us. Having said all that I also get a lot of recommendations from schools of teachers who are looking to retire and do part-time teaching to keep themselves busy. These supply teachers are perfect for day to day cover when a school needs a teacher with good classroom control skills, a lot of teaching knowledge and experience.

What sorts of schools do I work with?

I focus on working with clusters of secondary schools and academies throughout Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent. My clients vary from challenging inner city schools to academies with state-of-the-art facilities. A lot of my clients have a heavy demand for last-minute daily supply teaching and cover supervisors. I also get a heavy amount of long-term teaching opportunities, varying from maternity cover through to yearly contracts in schools where my teachers have been taken on permanently after.

What if I am looking for supply teaching jobs in Staffordshire?

Whether you are thinking of retiring from a permanent role and its your first time supply teaching or you are already with another agency and worried about making that jump to another agency i’m here to help and advise you. There are some real benefits of working with Aspire People, not only will you get my full support and attention and plenty of work but you will get paid to scale also. As soon as you have worked 12 weeks in one school your supply teacher

AWR rights kick in.  At Aspire People we are small enough to care but large enough to deliver, we have a credible relationship with Staffordshire schools and our supply teachers enjoy a happy, busy relationship with our supply teaching agency. I would love to hear from you or any of your friends about how I can support you with finding work in Staffordshire schools.

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