Daniel Dawkins

Operations & HR Director

What Do You Love Most about Working in Education?  

“When I was growing up, Nelson Mandela was one of my idols! He taught that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world.” It’s true as I, like many others, remember my own teachers and lecturers that made a difference to my life. In Education Recruitment I feel privileged to work hard helping people who make the esteemed career choice of being educators for our kid’s futures. We can really make a difference by matching the right person to the right school! Another perk is that, in my position, I get the chance to speak to a lot of Headteachers about the passion we all share in helping improve schools. I get to hear so many fantastic accounts of inspirational teachers and pupils and all the fantastic work that goes on in schools every day, that it genuinely makes for a fulfilling day the office!”

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