Michaela Powell

Managing Director and Owner of Aspire People

What do you love most about working in education?  

“My passion to promote care, compassion and to make a difference came alive back in 2004 when I set up Aspire People. I came from a back ground where expectations were limited. However, with the dedication and compassion of a few wonderful teachers I grew up believing I could make a difference. Education isn’t just about learning through books; it’s about learning who you are, how to make decisions, push expectations. I wanted other people to have the same opportunities I had. So now through Aspire People my team bring care and compassion to our Teachers and support staff, they are the ones who will make a difference to our future through teaching our next generation. We make sure their future is in good hands so they can do what they do best, inspire, lead, coach, teach.  When we work with Teachers we think ‘Is this Teacher going to inspire the pupil who will lead our country or who will find a cure for cancer’. It’s so inspiring and thats is why I love education.”

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