Supply Teacher Gives up Time to Make a Life-Changing Difference to Women and Children in India


By tom
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This couldn’t be further from the truth with the teachers working for Aspire People, like Elizabeth Dennis from Sutton Coldfield. Elizabeth has been busy teaching and travelling across India. Back home Elizabeth works as a supply teacher for Midlands based Aspire People.

Elizabeth got in touch with Aspire People this week to speak of her journey so far: “I’m living in Jaipur, Rajasthan which is one of the poorest and most oppressive states, especially for women.  I managed to get placed on a women empowerment project, so my job is to teach English, General Studies and ICT skills to girls aged 12-20 in a village about 10km out of Jaipur. I have also ended up teaching a lot of the village kids as they love to come along and learn too!”

Supply teaching is perfect for people like Elizabeth who want to take time out of teaching to explore the world and use their skills to help the less privileged in other countries.

Elizabeth’s education consultant, Ann-Marie, has been really supportive of Elizabeth’s time away, she said: “Liz has worked for Aspire People since 2011. After completing a long-term position at one of my local primary schools Liz approached me about taking some time out to teach abroad. I am really proud of Liz, travelling to India, working in an orphanage with poor children, its very admirable. This is the second year she has travelled to work abroad. It is something Liz is passionate about and of course I wanted to support her in achieving her dreams. That’s what supply teaching is all about, it gives you the flexibility you need to achieve goals in life that you have outside of your teaching career”

Elizabeth will be doing more charity work in Goa and Karnataka before returning home to England.

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