Our Code of Conduct

Aspire People are keen to ensure that candidates maintain their levels of professionalism so schools, nurseries, colleges and universities will continue to provide enough opportunities for our staff.

Every professional who works for Aspire People must abide by the below codes of conduct:

Put the safety of children first

  1. Take responsible steps to ensure all pupils under your supervision are safe.
  2. Follow the school’s child protection policies and procedures.
  3. Ensure that relationships with pupils remain professional.
  4. Always ask for support or help if you think your own actions could put pupils at risk
  5. Ensure that you take appropriate action if you observe another member of staff having a negative impact on pupils.

Take Responsibility for maintaining the quality of your profession

Teaching, office, technical and support staff should:

  1. Meet professional standards that are relevant to your career level and role.
  2. Learn from any feedback that colleagues provide.
  3. Actively seek out opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills.

Teachers should:

  1. Ensure teaching practices follow the curriculum.
  2. Actively research your subject specialism and stay up to date with education resources and initiatives.
  3. Set appropriate learning objectives, use a range of teaching methods to meet individual and group needs.
  4. Have high expectations of pupils, inject confidence and set activities that challenge and support their skills.

Respect diversity and promote equality

  1. Act appropriately to all pupils, parent and colleagues no matter their socio-economic background, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race and religion.
  2. Understand school equal opportunity policies and report unlawful discrimination and bullying.

Maintain Professional Relationships

  1. Develop supportive relationships with school colleagues.
  2. Responsibly uphold school policies.
  3. Participate in whole school activities.
  4. Take responsibility for upholding the reputation of your school and Aspire People out of working hours.
  5. Take care of school property.

Maintain Professional Standards

  1. Under no circumstances should you use a mobile phone during work hours, it must be turned off.
  2. You must not communicate with any pupil outside of school, this includes on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website.
  3. Present yourself in a fit state to carry out your duties.
  4. Abide by the smoking policy of the school.
  5. Always be conscientious with your timekeeping, arrive within good time to park and find reception.
  6. Remain friendly during the day, it could be the difference between you getting requested back for more work.
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