Our Top 3 Roald Dahl Teaching Resources for Busy Teachers!


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As a teacher, educator, and one of the armies of people who are there to manage and inspire learning you’ll probably know that Roald Dahl Day has its own special day on 13th September.

“The Dahlicious Dress Up Day is part of Roald Dahl Day celebrations on 13th September. Schools and groups across the globe dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl hero, hold a party, and [if they wish to] donate their marvellous money to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.”

You tell us that Roald Dahl was, and still is one of, if not the most marvellous children’s writer of all time. He is that influential, he even got his own words added to the Oxford Dictionary!

We know that even though Roald Dahl has his own day, that actually, every day could be a Roald Dahl day, and you’ll often be planning a splendiferous Dahl inspired lesson or two. We don’t want you left feeling biffsquiggled at all of the Fantastic Mr. Fox material out there! So here’s our top 3 teaching resources to help you frobscottle your way through that all-important lesson planning! Enjoy!

1.Roald Dahl Official Website: What better place to start? With a section especially for teachers, this website really is zozimus. With FREE downloadable lesson plans, everything you need to know about Roald, is here.

2.Roald Dahl – Teaching Ideas: If number one isn’t whoopsy whiffling enough for you, we’re sure you’ll love number two. Teaching Ideas have got everything from timelines to lessons around specific books and characters.

3.Twinkl: Designed by Teachers, there are some fantastic Primary Resources available here!

Whatever you and your class are doing to celebrate this day, we hope you have a gloriumptious time! Send us your best Roald Dahl resources  and tell us what you’re planning to celebrate the life of this fantastic man!

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