Quality of Teaching & Office Staff

With over 143 education recruitment agencies operating in the Midlands and over 107, 000 registered candidates it is a competitive market.

Aspire People differentiates itself against competitors by the quality of education professionals that we supply, whether it be a teacher or a school administrator.

We work with many schools, academies, colleges and universities. Clients come back to us time and time again because our staff don’t just do a job, they become an integral part of your organisation.

How do we achieve that perfect match?

  1. Attracting talented people is the start. How do we attract good staff?
  2. We then only employ the best rather than everyone we interview.
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  3. When they are working with us we set them high expectations which they agree to meet.
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  4. Once working with us we then identify areas of improvement through assessment
  5. Candidates are then trained, keeping them up-to-date so they can reach their full potential.
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Further to this our staff are paid to scale and treated well.

With our combined support, whether you need a school caretaker or a qualified teacher, they will become an integral part of your school.

We have the best teachers waiting to match to your vacancy
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